Monday, May 21, 2012

Good News For The Florida Commercial Real Estate Market: Convenience Store Expansions Up Ahead

More good news comes to the Florida commercial real estate market as 7-Eleven Inc., the massive convenience store company, will be bring more major business to the Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County areas as it is set to expand by opening 15 more stores by the end of 2012 with 25 more set for the following year. 

7-Eleven has already achieved success in opening 57 stores within the tri-country area since 2010. Included in the 57 are both new as well as remodeled stores. 

There is no doubt that Florida has always been one of the company’s key markets within the United States and anyone who has ever been to the region will easily be able to figure out why since it really does have one of the biggest markets in the country. 

As early as 2010, the company had made announcements regarding plans to get 183 Exxon Mobile sites established within the state of Florida. The sites were located within Broward, Orlando, Southwest Florida and Palm Beach. The vast majority of those sites have now been turned into full-fledged 7-Eleven stores. 

According to the company, the fact that these times have presented the perfect opportunity to expand has definitely been something they have taken into consideration since values on the Florida commercial real estate market has gone down significantly compared to where they were five years ago. Along with the undeniable opportunity presented, the fact that the demand for convenience stores has also played an integral part in the company’s decision to expand. 

Aside from the fact that the company has been expanding as far as the number of stores they have within the state, they are also looking to broaden as far as the type of retail spaces which they are looking for on the Florida commercial real estate market. Many recognize 7-Eleven as being a store that is common within gas stations of suburban areas; however, the company is now looking towards opening stores in shopping plaza locations as well as other urban settings in order to target a larger audience within the region. 

It seems that people have yet to see more things in the future of 7-Eleven convenience stores across the region which are going to provide them with better options as far as products and services are concerned. And needless to say, the  Florida Commercial Real Estate market will be more than happy to welcome in as many of the stores that the company will want to establish since it will definitely prove to mean good business for many years ahead.

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