Monday, May 14, 2012

Find Out How Much Billy Joel Is Selling His Very Own Miami Beach Luxury Home In La Gorce Island

Miami Beach is a city that has been able to provide so many people from around the world with the comfort and luxury that they simply cannot find elsewhere since there are really no other cities which offer people that perfect combination of great climate, stunning surroundings, and that irresistible vibe that makes the city so unique.

Located along the Atlantic coast of the South Florida region, the city of Miami Beach is considered to be a world-class beach resort destination. And every now and again we see famous personalities moving in on the opportunity to own the most fabulous Miami Beach luxury homes that are found within the city. 

Today, however, we see one of these famous personalities looking to sell his very own luxury home which is located within the prestigious island community of La Gorce Island which is known for its excellent collection of waterfront homes. 

If you have been one of the many property hunters who have been looking for the perfect opportunity to own valuable real estate within the city, you might want to consider Billy Joel’s luxury home property which he has recently placed on the property market for $14,750,000. 

You don’t need to be a big Billy Joel fan to see why the home property is going for such a significant sum of money, especially since it is considered to be an superior choice to make for people who would like to get the best  Miami Beach Luxury Homes possible. Aside from having been owned by such a popular American pianist, composer and singer-songwriter, the estate is set with all of the fabulous features that would definitely provide people with the high degree of opulence for the best Miami Beach lifestyle. 

Beginning with its Mediterranean Revival Style architecture, people can expect to find one of the most illustrious designs which are considered to be ideal for such a beautiful waterfront setting which offers stunning views of the Biscayne Bay as the property comes with 150 feet of water frontage. 

The luxury home has up to 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms as well as 1 half-bath. The home itself has 8,881 square footage of space which the property itself sits upon a 30,330 square foot lot with its very own dock and outdoor swimming pool area. 

If you are interested in being able to learn more about the property we have talked about here today, or if you would simply like to know if there are other similar Miami Beach luxury homes available on the property market, you should get in touch with a real estate agent so that you questions can be addressed in full detail.Morgan

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