Thursday, May 17, 2012

Continuum South Beach And The Aspects It Provides For The Ultimate Oceanfront Lifestyle

People will often talk about oceanfront luxury living and how amazing it could be if they could only find the right real estate option. While there are many options within South Florida which are supposed to be perfect for the intended purpose, not a lot of people who truly understand the different aspects which make for the most amazing oceanfront luxury living experience possible.

In order to help you see what the essence of oceanfront luxury living really is, we have decided to showcase one of the most successful real estate options within South Florida today, the Continuum South Beach, so that we can draw a list of features that you might want to keep in mind the next time you check the property market for real estate that will grant you the life that you desire. After all, if you are going to try to learn how to achieve your goals, you might as well learn from the best! 

Unparalleled Location 

More often than not, the only feature necessary for the ultimate oceanfront experience would be real estate options that are situated right by the ocean. However, if you want something extraordinary, you should not settle for just any type of location and the Continuum South Beach sets the perfect example of what it means to live upon a truly unparalleled location within South Florida. 

The fact that the Continuum South Beach is located along South Pointe Drive within the ever-evolving South of Fifth district in South Beach makes it such an appealing location, especially among people who understand that real estate within these parts of the region do tend to hold the most value on the market. 

People that are not familiar with South Pointe Drive will find it fascinating to learn that it is situated upon the southernmost part of the barrier island known as Miami Beach. It offers incredible views as well as access to the most exclusive beaches found within the city. 

But aside from being able to provide people with the opportunity to gain high value from the market, people are also given the chance to be within one of the region’s most breath-taking locations which enable people to indulge in the serenity which other locations fail to provide. Nevertheless, people remain within close proximity to all of the most happening places within the city of Miami Beach as Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road are merely minutes away. 

Exquisite Residences 

Of course, one of the main features that people genuinely care about when it comes to real estate would be the actual home spaces that they are buying into. The Continuum South Beach makes it a point to provide all of its residents and gusts with all the most stunning designs possible, including the option of choosing among fifteen outstanding styles of residences which all have with floor-to-ceiling glass doors in order to ensure that people get the luxury of having the beauty of the outside shine right in. After all, that is the main essence of oceanfront luxury living anyway. 

Also, the residences at the Continuum South Beach offer the convenience of giving people fully functional homes which means that people such as yourself will never have to worry about finding the right appliances to match your floors since each of these exquisite residences have absolutely everything taken care of already. 

First-Class Amenities 

When it comes to modern living within one of the most sensational places in South Florida, it only becomes necessary for people to make sure that they are given all of the amenities and features that will provide them the convenience and satisfaction necessary for everyday life. 

The Continuum South Beach offers a great selection of amenities which include its very own four-story private fitness center and spa, a lap pool located on the rooftop which offers amazing views of the ocean horizon, three tennis courts and access to a private beach area. 

If you have always wanted to find the ultimate real estate option that can provide you with the oceanfront luxury lifestyle that you have always wanted, you should get in touch with a real estate agent that can provide you with information on all of your available options at the Continuum South Beach so that you can find out more about one of today’s most exceptional oceanfront real estate properties in South Florida.

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